Mylex Introduces Linux Operating System Support for its
Buslogic Flashpoint Line of SCSI Host Adapters

FREMONT, CA, -- October 8, 1996 -- Mylex Corporation has expanded Linux operating system support to its BusLogic brand of FlashPoint Ultra SCSI host adapters. All of BusLogic's other SCSI host adapters, including the MultiMaster line, currently support the Linux operating system. Linux drivers and information will be available on October 15th at (ED: The link to, now likely defunct, has been included for search reasons.)

"Mylex is committed to supporting the Linux community," says Peter Shambora, vice president of marketing for Mylex. "We have supported Linux driver development and provided technical support for our host adapters for several years, and are pleased to now make our FlashPoint products available to this user base."

The Linux Operating System

Linux is a freely-distributed implementation of UNIX for Intel x86, Sun SPARC, SGI MIPS, Motorola 68k, Digital Alpha AXP and Motorola PowerPC machines. It supports a wide range of software, including the X Window System, Emacs, and TCP/IP networking. Further information is available at and

FlashPoint Host Adapters

The FlashPoint family of Ultra SCSI host adapters, designed for workstation and file server environments, are available in narrow, wide, dual channel, and dual channel wide versions. These adapters feature SeqEngine automation technology, which minimizes SCSI command overhead and reduces the number of interrupts generated to the CPU.

About Mylex

Mylex Corporation (NASDAQ/NM SYMBOL: MYLX), founded in 1983, is a leading producer of RAID technology and network management products. The company produces high performance disk array (RAID) controllers, and complementary computer products for network servers, mass storage systems, workstations and system boards. Through its wide range of RAID controllers and its BusLogic line of Ultra SCSI host adapter products, Mylex provides enabling intelligent I/O technologies that increase network management control, enhance CPU utilization, optimize I/O performance, and ensure data security and availability. Products are sold globally through a network of OEMs, major distributors, VARs, and system integrators. Mylex Corporation is headquartered at 34551 Ardenwood Blvd., Fremont, CA.
Peter Shambora
Vice President of Marketing
Mylex Corp.