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Linux DAC960 Driver -- Production Version 2.2.11 and 2.4.11 Released

I am pleased to announce that the eleventh production release of the Linux DAC960 driver is now available as version 2.2.11 for Linux 2.2.19 and version 2.4.11 for Linux 2.4.12. This version of the driver includes support for all the current Mylex PCI RAID controllers, including the eXtremeRAID 2000, eXtremeRAID 3000, AcceleRAID 352, AcceleRAID 170, and AcceleRAID 160, which have an entirely new firmware interface, as well as the older eXtremeRAID 1100 (DAC1164P), the AcceleRAID 150/200/250, and the DAC960PJ/PG/PU/PD/PL models. In addition, this release provides support for older DAC960PU/PD/PL/P models with firmware version 2.73.

The driver release itself comprises source code and documentation only. To use it, you must install the driver source code in a Linux 2.2.19 or Linux 2.4.12 kernel source tree and recompile the kernel. Most recent Linux distributions already include support for some version of the DAC960 driver. In case the distribution you are using does not already have support for the DAC960 devices ad utilities, you may also want the set of modified utilities which provides source patches and statically linked executables of lilo and fdisk that understand the DAC960 RAID devices, and the make_rd script that will make the device special files. LILO 21 and FDISK v2.9 already include DAC960 support.

Note: If you need to install the 2.2.10 driver in Linux kernel 2.2.16, such as provided with Red Hat 7, you will need to apply the following patch, and be sure to use the kgcc compiler as the 2.96 version is buggy and compiles the DAC960 driver incorrectly.

General instructions for recompiling the Linux kernel are in the file "linux/README" in the kernel source distribution. Instructions for installing the DAC960 driver into the kernel source tree are towards the end of the file "README.DAC960" in the driver release. Please see the release notes for a more complete description of the changes in this version of the driver.

Red Hat Linux 6.0 and SuSE Linux 6.1 include support for Mylex PCI RAID controllers. Installing directly onto a DAC960 may be problematic from other Linux distributions until their installation utilities are updated.

Linux systems incorporating Mylex PCI RAID Controllers are available from Net Express, Hard Data Ltd., and Workstation 2000. Net Express also offers individual DAC960 controllers for sale.

Be sure to join the DAC960 Announcements Mailing List to be informed of new driver and firmware versions.

DAC960 Announcements Mailing List

The DAC960 Announcements Mailing List provides a forum for informing Linux users of new driver releases and other announcements regarding Linux support for Mylex DAC960 PCI RAID Controllers. Announcements are infrequent, so every DAC960 user should join this mailing list.

To join, send a message to dac960-announce-request@dandelion.com with the line "subscribe" in the message body. (ED: This may now be defunct; the text is included here for search reasons.)