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On 29 August, 2002, Leonard Zubkoff died in a helicopter crash in Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness near Ketchikan, Alaska. Leonard was a long-time Linux kernel developer, and was the former CTO of VA Linux Systems (now known as VA Software). A brief page about Leonard has been posted, as that we remember not just the software he developed, but also the man that he was.

Jan Jewell has posted a tribute to Leonard Zubkoff, including details of his life and circumstances of his passing.

This site is a minimally-modified mirror of the materials which Leonard had made available at: http://dandelion.com/Linux (the rest of the text on tis page is as it was on Leonard's Digital Dandelion site. The files from his site have been posted to SourceForge.net to ensure their long-term availability. Changes to these web pages are denoted by the 'ED' marker, excepting URL changes for the downloadable files.

Linux is a free Unix-like operating system being actively developed by a diverse team of programmers on the Internet from all over the world. For general information about the Linux operating system, and pointers to other Linux resources, be sure to check out Linux.com.

My personal contribution to the Linux effort has been primarily in the area of writing drivers for Mylex/BusLogic's MultiMaster and FlashPoint SCSI Host Adapters, as well as improvements to the performance and robustness of the higher levels of the SCSI subsystem. More recently, I have been working work on a driver for Mylex's DAC960/DAC1100 PCI RAID Controllers.

For information about my Linux driver for Mylex DAC960/DAC1100 PCI RAID Controllers, please visit my Linux DAC960 Page.

For information about my Linux driver for Mylex/BusLogic SCSI Host Adapters, as well as firmware updates for the BT-948/958/958D, please visit my Linux BusLogic Page.

Finally, if you care about the future of Free Speech on the Internet, which you most certainly ought to, be sure to join the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign!


Leonard N. Zubkoff
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